Live Sacramento State (9/21/11)

Ladies and gentlemen, I am dusting off the channels of communication and putting you back in the loop of what is going on in the world of TAIS…

Although you didn’t see it, I’ve been hard at work on the next phase of the search.

There is really no time to explain… But over the next few weeks, my actions will show you…

First up… Sacramento State will get a special treat on September 21st! We are coming back to exactly where we left off at, but this time with a little more fun and excitement!

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Interview On That’s My Word Radio…

For everyone who missed it, or didn’y know about it, here is an interview that I did on That’s My Word Radio Show. Check it out and tune in to a little good conversation.

That’s My Word Radio With Mari Torres & Solution

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They Are Too Complex…. Are You?

So here is the first few people that I was able to snag pictures from… If you have a shirt, please send in your pictures too… If you haven’t already, go to the following link and get yours now!!

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Purpose Video Shoot (Day 2)

So here are a few quick pictures from the Purpose video shoot… We were busy trying to wrap this thing up, so we didn’t have a lot of time to snap pictures… We are almost finished, but we have ONE MORE DAY of shooting scheduled for September 12th… If you are interested in being part, send me an email and I will feel you in on the details… WE ARE LOOKING FOR EXTRA’S!!!

Here is another piece to the puzzle… Mixed with the photo’s from the last one, can you guess where this video is going???

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TAIS teamed up with the good folks over at to give independent artists a few helpful tips. He talks about 4 things that an artist can do to be sucessful at the present moment. Tune in and take notes!


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Mission Accomplished (TAIS x NYC)

So it has been an interesting week so far in NYC… The days have been full of hard work and fun that only comes with LIVING what you love. The main objective in coming here was simple: Rock a few shows and get the TAIS name out in NYC…

All I can say is mission accomplished:

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